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Black Liquorice Company

So where did it all begin? Black Liquorice Co - a brief history lesson!

Our Story starts like this:

The founder of Black Liquorice Company went with friends a good few years back on a back-packing holiday around Scandinavia.

As well as too much drinking Akvavit and eating fried herrings on crispbread he was introduced to Salmiak Liquorice, so much saltier than the sort which we Brits like in the UK, which is often sweeter and softer.

On return to UK he realised that the UK were mostly unaware of these salty types of Liquorice so he vowed to correct this.

After much research and burning of whale oil in his lamp (not really - it was a phone book and directories of trades in those days under electric light) he established strong connections with several of the best manufacturers of all types of Liquorice in northern Europe and Scandinavia.

 These companies are now regular suppliers to the Black Liquorice Company which goes from strength to strength and now packs some of these in its own branding as well as offering it "loose weighed" from this website and in the packs seen at shows and events throughout the UK in summer months.