Cooking with Liquorice

An exclusive range of ingredients to create exciting liquorice themed sweet and savoury dishes in your own kitchen

Liquorice Sweet Syrup 200ml **

A bottle with a sweet liquorice filling. This bottle of liquorice syrup can be used in and over cakes, fudges, and lots of recipes available online. Pour over ice cream for the...


Liquorice Flavouring 20ml

A little bottle with a big liquorice punch. This concentrated liquorice flavouring can be used in cakes, fudges, and lots of recipes available online. Or see our set of 6...


Natural Liquorice Root 40/45g Bundle

This natural Liquorice Root is tasty and aromatic and is delicious when added to savoury and sweet dishes. The pieces have a sweet but slightly salty flavour and a very...


Liquorice Powder 30g pack **

Natural Liquorice Powder made from pure liquorice. No added sugars and is wheat and dairy free. Can be used as a rub on fish or meat or make into a...


Natural Salt and Liquorice

A pouch of pure salt crystals from the brine town of Droitwich blended with pure natural liquorice. 100g pack.