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Black Liquorice Company


Black n' White Mints

Prepacked Black n' White Mints 180G

Chocolate Orange Mixture

Orange and Chocolate fondant wrapped in...

Cinnamon Sugar Liquorice

Warming cinnamon lightly dusted on to...

Double Dutch Mixture

Double Dutch Moresorts 165g

Jelly Buttons

Prepacked Jelly Buttons 180G

Liquorice Comfits

Prepacked Liquorice Comfits 180G

Liquorice Cuttings

Prepacked Liquorice Cuttings 180G

Mega Moresorts

1.5KG Mega Moresorts Share bag


Product Details

Mega Soft Eating Black Liquorice

1.5KG Soft Eating Black Liquorice


Product Details

Mega Soft Eating Strawberry

1.5KG Soft Eating Strawberry Liquorice


Product Details

Pontefract Cakes

Prepacked Pontefract Cakes 180G

Salty Moresorts

Salty Moresorts 165G

Soft Original Black Liquorice

Sweet and Soft Black Liquorice 180g

Vintage Pontefract Cakes

Prepacked Pontefract Cakes 180G -...

Sugar Free Stevia Liquorice Large

Sugar Free Stevia Soft Liquorice 165g

Soft Eating Sherbet Fountain Flavour

Soft Eating Sherbet Fountain Flavour...

Black Liquorice Company Moresorts

Fantastic Liquorice Mixture 180g

Apple Stripe Liquorice

Apple Fondant & Liquorice Layers 175g

Strawberry Stripe Liquorice

Strawberry Fondant & Liquorice 175g

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