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Black Liquorice Company

Loose weighout Pick & Mix

1 metre Italian Liquorice Cable

One Metre of Italian plain Liquorice

4 Sherbet Fountains

Sold in multiples of 4 Sherbet Fountains

Aniseed Sticks 100g

Similar to School Chalk, but Aniseed...

Black Liquorice Wheels

Liquorice coiled wheel 100g

Blackcurrant & Liquorice sweets

Blackcurrant & Liquorice Sweets 100g

Catherine Wheels pack of 4

Liquorice wheels with a jelly button...

Cherry Wheels

Red Liquorice version of the classic...

Double Salt Liquorice

Hard coin shaped Double Salted...

Dutch Farm Mix

Dutch Farm Mix Liquorice

Extra Salt Liquorice Coins

Extra Salty Liquorice Coins 100g

Fruity & Liquorice Boiled sweet

Fruity & Liquorice Boiled Sweets 100g

Ginger & Liquorice

Liquorice and Ginger - sweets with a...

Gluten Free Liquorice Bears

Soft jelly liquorice bears, sugar...

Honey Liquorice

Honey Liquorice collection made with...

Honeycomb Honey Liquorice

Honey Liquorice collection made with...

Jelly Liquorice Buttons

Pink and Blue Jelly Buttons 100g

Liquorice & Chilli

An odd combination that works quite...

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