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Family Favourites Liquorice Gift Box


Family Favourites Liquorice Gift Box

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If you know a liquorice lover then this is the gift for them.

Who remembers..... Liquorice Pipes? Sherbet Fountains? Hard Sticks? Catherine Wheels?

Black Liquorice Company presents. the Family Favourites Gift Box

Each Box contains the following liquorice totalling 40 pieces:

  • 2 x Original Liquorice Pipes - Classic Pipe shaped Liquorice with the red fire tips
  • 2 x Liquorice Hard Sticks - Hard Liquorice, with a bite
  • 2 x Catherine Wheels - Classic favourites with the original Jelly Button in the centre
  • 1 x Sherbet Fountain - Now in a plastic tube!! - Lemon Sherbet and a liquorice stick to dip
  • 2 x Soft Liquorice Sticks - Soft chewy liquorice
  • A pack of black soft liquorice pieces
  • A pack of liquorice comfits
  • Liquorice Toffee bar

The perfect gift for all the family

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