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Family Favourites Liquorice Gift Box


Family Favourites Liquorice Gift Box

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Our Family Favourites contain all the much loved classics! 1 x Black Liquorice 1 x Liquorice Comfits 2 x Liquorice Hard sticks 2 x Liquorice Soft Sticks 2 x Skippers Pipes 2 x Catherine Wheels 1 x Sherbet Fountain Tube 1 x Liquorice Toffee
SOFT EATING BLACK LIQUORICE: Sugar Syrup, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Liquorice Extract, Humectant (E420), Thickener (E412), Colour (E150D), Preservative (E202), Flavour, Glazing Agent [Vegetable Oil (Coconut, Palm Kernel), E901]. LIQUORICE COMFITS: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Treacle, Glucose Syrup, Modified Tapioca Starch, Liquorice Extract, Natural Colours (Calcium Carbonate, Anthocyanins, Mixed Carotenes, Curcumin), Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil, Cochineal, Beta Carotene, Flavouring, Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax), Natural Flavouring Spirulina, Aniseed Oil. LIQUORICE TOFFEE: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk (from whole milk) 21%, Vegetable Oil (Sustainable Palm Oil), Black Treacle 5%, Natural Colour (Vegetable Carbon), Liquorice Extract 0.7%, Salt, Emulsifier (E471), Oil of Aniseed. SHERBET FOUNTAIN: Sugar, Treacle, Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Cornflour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Acids (Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid), Colour (Plain Caramel), Liquorice Extract, Anti-Caking Agent (Tri-Calcium Phosphate), Flavouring (Aniseed Oil). HARD LIQUORICE STICKS: Treacle, Wheat Flour, Liqourice Extract, Glazing Agents (Gum Arabic) Glucose Syrup. Colours: Caramel, Flavours (Aniseed Oil). LIQUORICE CATHERINE WHEELS: Treacle, Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Cornflour, Beef Gelatine, Natural Colours (Plain Caramel, Mixed Carotenes, Anthocyanins), Liquorice Powder, Aniseed Oil, Fruit & Vegetable Concentrates (Blackcurrant, Carrot, Radish), Spirulina Concentrate. LIQUORICE PIPES: Glucose Syrup, Wheat Flour, Molasses, Sugar, Liquorice Extract, Gelling Agent (E414), Colours (E153, E120), Salt, Wheat Starch, Vegetable Fat (Coconut), Acid (E330), Glazing Agent (E901), Preservatives (E200), Flavourings PLAIN SOFT LIQUORICE TWISTS: Glucose Syrup, Wheat Flour, Molasses, Liquorice (5%), Salt, Natural Flavourings, Vegetable Oil (coconut), Glazing Agent (Bees Wax).

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