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Love Liquorice Gift Bag


Love Liquorice Gift Bag

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Looking for the ultimate liquorice gift? Look no further! Our Love Liquorice Gift Bag contains everything a liquorice lover could possibly want! From fruity liquorice to classic black, you're bound to make them smile!

Each bag contains the following:

1 x Soft Eating Sherbet Fountain Liquorice Pouch

1 x Soft Eating Black Liquorice Pouch

1 x Soft Eating Strawberry Liquorice Pouch

1 x Fruity Liquorice Moresorts Pouch

1 x Soft Eating Cinnamon Liquorice Pouch

1 x Gift Tube of 5 Liquorice Hard Sticks

1 x Gift tube of 5 Fruity Liquorice Stubbies

1 x Sherbet Fountain

1 x Liquorice Toffee

2 x Liquorice Wheels


Height 30cm x Width 25cm x Depth 12cm - Weight 1.5KG

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